Flour child flower rosin

We began pressing our own flower rosin to use in our line of Edible Remedies. The results were so lovely that we wanted to be able to share it. Rosin is a solvent-less form of extracting essential oils, using a little heat and literally tons of pressure. The result is a very pure expression of the flower and a very potent extract. It can be pressed from either whole flowers, trim, kief, or ice water hash- ours is always only whole, organically grown flower.

Like the fruit for our line of Seasonal Jams, the flower that we use is sourced with great care and the highest standards. We work with small craft cannabis farmers using sustainable and organic practices. All of our products are lab tested at multiple stages of production, to ensure the highest quality. The rosin we offer is always only the first press ("extra-virgin") for the best flavor. 

Packaged with resealable tape, so you can open and close your envelope easily. Keep in a cool, dry place (ideally refrigerated) for maximum preservation of terpenes and texture.